Joe & Melissa

Joe and Melissa are one of my favorite couples I have been able to photograph. I absolutely adore their love story and who they are as a couple. Melissa and Joe live in England. Melissa is a writer and musician, Joe is a writer and filmmaker. They met in April of 2016 on a music video shoot for Melissa's band (she's so cool!). It was love at first sight for both of them. They had their first date two weeks later at a David Bowie tribute night (the dream?!). On their second date, Melissa was playing a show in Camden. Joe hopped onstage after her set and gave her a huge hug. When Joe jumped off the stage, Melissa turned to her bandmate, Jodie Fox, and said, "I'm going to marry that man". They've been inseparable from the beginning. When Joe went on a writing sabbatical for ten days in Florida the winter before their wedding, it was clear to both of them that being apart was very hard. When he got back it was Valentine's day. Joe proposed and Melissa instantly said yes. 

Joe and Melissa reminded me that true love really exists. When you know, you just know. They go so beautifully together as you can see in these photos below. I feel honored to have been the one to document their wedding day. 

(Don't forget to press play!)