Kal & Bethany

Kal and Bethany's wedding day took place on September 28, 2019, at the Pruyn House (one of my favorite locations!). The day was filled with monarch butterflies like something out of a fairy tale, handmade bouquets, a wedding dress passed down three generations, close family and friends, and of course, true love. By the end of the night, I could tell that their relationship is full of perseverance and dedication that is sure to follow them into their marriage. 

Kal and Bethany met in their second year of undergrad, Kal had moved into a suite with some of Bethany's closest friends. During their wedding vows, they realized that they both remembered the first day they met and what really brought them together: a pair of scissors. Bethany wanted her friend to cut her hair and was in search of scissors...Kal provided the scissors. He asked her out immediately after and the rest is history! Their first date went less than perfectly with rained out tennis plans, flooded roads, a traffic jam, and fire alarms going off in the dorm. This is when they first came up with their saying "it's always something". They've been together over 6 years now and have gone through countless unknowns and "it's always something"s. They both graduated from ACPHS and moved to Poughkeepsie to go to PA school. Kal and Bethany now live in Albany with careers as PAs in emergency medicine. 

Thank you to Kal and Bethany for letting me capture this magical and dreamy day. Here's to many more years full of "it's always something"s!

(Don't forget to press play!)