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Rooftop Couples Session at The Takk House | Albany NY Photographer

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue in the Capital Region, The Takk House in Troy, NY is the place to go! There are endless opportunities for your wedding or engagement photographer to capture roof top photos, vintage vibes, and a variety of looks from all the unique options The Takk House provides.

This couples session at The Takk House was a dream to shoot at as a wedding and engagement photographer. Check them out below!

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Angela Mia has been trying to "savor the moment" for as long as she can remember. Through doing this, she found photography as her passion.

Angela started photographing unscripted moments in 2012 while earning a degree in Entrepreneurship and Digital Media. Angela lives in Upstate New York with her amazing husband and three cats.


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